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The Aura of Our Mechanical Arts

Updated: Jan 30

Appearing in Ekstasis Magazine, this essay explores the intersection of photography, technology, and spirituality through the lens of Walter Benjamin and Roland Barthes. In it, I reflect on the concept of aura in original works of art and question the impact of digitization on human experience. I find that old family photographs hold a sacred quality, evoking reverence and contemplation, unlike the digital images of today that are fleeting and easily replaceable. My essay discusses the personal and emotional resonance of family photos, their role as sacred objects, and their ability to mediate presence and awaken love. The piece concludes by connecting the punctum in Barthes' work to the concept of grace and the recognition of the divine in the midst of cultural production.

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תגובה אחת

09 ביולי 2023

Perhaps grace even connects differing photo technologies…

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