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What we are about


11:00 am (PST)

We meet every second and fourth Saturday online in the John Main Chapel on You may consult the calendar on the chapel website for specific dates each month.

The mission of our group is friendship, sharing, and support for those on the contemplative path. We explore a different theme every two months. Past themes have included humility, spiritual maturity, love, grace, and prayer. For each meeting participants are provided with spiritual quotes from Christian Contemplative authors, nondual teachers, and other faith traditions with discussion questions. We seek to learn from one another as we explore the deeper meanings of Christ’s teachings and how to apply them in daily life. This group is directed to those who are given to study and conversation as a supplement to their spiritual practice.


Before each meeting, participants are emailed a set of Notes for Inquiry that contain passages to reflect on and questions to respond to in preparation for the conversation. Our intention is to move through each week with a focus on a particular aspect of contemplative life, based on the monthly theme. This focus assists us in recognizing where we are in our spiritual journey and where we need to develop. On the Saturdays that we meet, we use the time to share, support, and gain insights around a table of friends.  

We begin at 11 am with twenty minutes of silent meditation or prayer and then commence promptly with our weekly discussion.   

There are an abundance of Centering prayer groups available online. CIC is different because we seek to provide participants with more opportunity to share and learn. Unlike most online meditation groups, we are not focused on ritual, but on building a community that will  support the individual through spiritual friendship. Think of us as the fellowship hall, where we gather after prayer. 

Sharing guidelines

Beginning at 

11:20 am

Ending at 

1 pm

In order to grow as a community of spiritual friends, we will follow guidelines that help to facilitate trust and sustain intimacy as we share our journey with one another.

SAFE GROUP: We will all do our part to create an environment where everyone can be real, open and honest with their struggles and victories.

CONFIDENTIALITY: What is said in the group stays in the group.

COMMITMENT: Make time to be present with the group every week. Keep absences to a minimum. Your attention and commitment honor the group and support continuity in the conversations from one week to the next.

LISTEN: Let’s value one another during the discussions by really listening to what is being shared. Try to avoid thinking about how you are going to respond or what you are going to say next.

PAUSE: Allow a pause in conversation after someone shares to give the person sharing the chance to finish and the group the opportunity to consider what was just shared before responding.

SILENCE: It is important to allow silence in the group as it provides an opportunity for someone to share and for members in the group to process the topic or question being considered. Most importantly, it creates opportunities to listen to our Teacher, the Holy Spirit.

NO “CROSS TALK”: Be considerate of others as they are sharing. No side conversations.

NO RESCUING: When people are sharing something deeply personal, there can be a tendency to try to make them feel better about themselves or the situation by providing immediate condolences. This will often cause them to stop sharing. Resist the temptation to rescue people.

SHARING: Be sensitive about the amount of time you share and how many times you share.

BE SELF-AWARE: Be self-aware of how you are personally affecting the environment through your words, actions and non-verbal communication.

USE “I” STATEMENTS: It’s easy to talk about the issues of others, but for our purposes, put yourself on the table. Try to use “I” statements rather than “them”, “the church”, “us”, “we”, etc.


  • If you choose to have your camera off during the meditation period, make sure you’ve turned it on after the bell, keeping it on for the duration of the meeting.

  • If you have to turn your camera off at some point to avoid distracting the group, keep it brief but do your best to minimize such occurrences.

  • If you are unable to turn on your camera due to technical problems, type a message in the chat window so the group will know why you are not visible.

  • When you are not speaking, keep your microphone on mute to avoid disruptive sounds.

  • Only type in the chat when someone has finished speaking so that attention is not distracted.

  • If you need to leave the meeting early, inform the group in the chat window as a courtesy.

  • If you have information you would like to share that does not require speaking, you may type it into the chat window.

How to join

1. Email 

statement of interest

2. Register with

The Meditation Chapel

Please email me if you are interested in joining. In order to provide cohesion and trust, participants are expected to commit to regular attendance, so please check when we meet in your time zone and be sure that you have that period on Saturdays free. Once you join the group, you will be emailed the weekly Notes for Inquiry.

You must be a registered member with the Meditation Chapel.

Membership is free. Register here.

Please read and agree to the site rules. You will then receive an email containing the URL's for all of the chapels in the Meditation Chapel. We meet in the John Main Chapel. 

Please check that you know how and are able to enter the John Main Chapel before we meet so that you are prepared and prompt. Check the calendar on the Meditation Chapel website to be sure one of the other chapel groups is not meeting so you do not disrupt a session. If you choose not to participate in the silent meditation or prayer, remember that we start the conversation at 11:20. Please do not arrive late or you may not gain admittance.


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